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2019 Automotive Direct Mail Catalogs Are Out!

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Cheap Auto Mailers is one of the Nation's only businesses to sell, design, manufacture, print and mail all from one facility.  It's taken over 10 years and millions of dollars but we've done it.  A team of reliable experts in the advertising, print and mail fields who are willing to give their all to create your mail piece on time at the best rates available.  No commissions.  No Gimmicks.  Straight up order it from the source, peel back the layers of annoyance and breath in the fresh air of working directly with the top dog. Thanks for reading, 2019 is going to be a hell of a year for us and we hope it is for you too! Nobody under 40 years old has done this much mail. We've created something dealers will use for years to come. Order on my friends.

The best automotive direct mail for used vehicle and co-op new car sales is designed and printed here.

Fine Tune or Doom and Gloom for Car Dealerships in 2018?

FINE TUNE OR DOOM AND GLOOM?It’s no secret the automotive market will have to adjust for higher interest rates and a renewed fleet of vehicles back on the road. Some dealer principals are up for the challenge of tightening their belts in the coming years while others are secretly looking for the panic button. Listen, [...]

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WHAT MAKES OUR AUTOMOTIVE MAIL DIFFERENT?The reality is not all direct mail is created equal. There are so many moving parts involved with each campaign including design, brand compliance, data selection, printing, inkjetting, postal verification, drop shipping, coop approvals, and more! With so many components to each job, most companies out there stick to one [...]

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Popular Automotive Mail Promotions, Tips and Ideas for Fall 2017

We've been working with dealerships and ad agencies for quite a long time now.  With well over 100 million mailers sent out, there is no shortage of experience based knowledge built into our company DNA.  We constantly get asked questions like what mailer is hot right now or what is your "best" mailer? That is [...]

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Memorial Day Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

Spring has sprung and Dealerships are looking to move past April with a stronger May performance. Memorial Day mailers have a positive impact on sales but more often we are seeing Dealerships run their Memorial Days sales the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May.  Don't wait until Memorial Day weekend to drop your May mailer [...]

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Holiday Direct Mail for Auto Dealerships

December has arrived and with it comes the insanity of planning that final sales push of the year.  Here at Cheap Auto Mailers we have the experience and expertise to bring your Holiday direct mail advertising to life in the blink of an eye. In fact, many agencies and dealerships are busy sending us changes [...]

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The busy season is here and we are more capable than ever of producing the highest quality mail.  We started running into this a few years ago when we had multiple agencies in the same cities wanting the same mailer for their client.  To help keep everybody happy, we have a wider range of Black [...]

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Summer 2016 Automotive Direct Mail

Summer is upon us and sales continue to be very strong for a variety of segments.  Our traffic building mailers have been a proven way to improve showroom head counts for almost a decade now.  Whether you have a trusted relationship with one of our many re-sellers or have an account established directly with Cheap [...]

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Memorial Day Direct Mail - Popular Mailers

Automotive direct mail typically picks up around May each year as the temps rise and Spring gets underway.  For May 2016, we have a lot of exciting new options to choose from.  We have Memorial Day mailers in every size including Postcards, 8 Page Booklets, 17x22, The BF and envelope style.  Pictured here is one [...]

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Direct Mail Advertising Outperforms Radio, Television and Billboards...Again

Businesses need revenue to survive and grow. Cheap Auto Mailers understands this premise and knows how to get measurable results using proven direct mail advertising methods. Printing and graphic design are the building blocks of successful branding. With our in house team of professional graphic artists, Cheap Auto Mailers can walk corporate marketing [...]

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