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Fast Turnaround on Direct Mail Advertising

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Automotive Direct Mail is one of the most challenging industries to work in.  Fast paced and fiercely competitive, there is no room for the weak or ill prepared.  So why is working with Cheap Auto Mailers any easier to work with?

One of the single greatest features is that by owning our plant, we can focus exclusively on churning out Automotive Direct Mail in an incredibly fast and cost-effective manner.  Typically, dealerships are in a hurry up and wait pattern each month.  Until the new manufacturer specials come out on the 1st Tuesday of the month, nothing can go to print.  To help with this pattern, we like to get the mailer for that month all laid out and filled in.  Then, when the finance offer come out, we adjust the advertised prices on the mailer and get approval from the dealership or agency within hours. This process allows the mail to get into homes up to 1 week sooner in that month than most other automotive direct mail sources.

Our proven manufacturing process doesn't matter much with our BHPH and independent stores since they only have pre-owned vehicles. For those dealerships carrying new vehicle lines our Fast Turnaround can be a real value for managers looking to get their ads out quicker than their current mail vendor.

Serving ad agencies, dealerships and dealership grounds, Cheap Auto Mailer has a well rounded portfolio of automotive related clients in over 40 states.  For more information on our products and services, call 616-957-1402 today!