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Memorial Day Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

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Spring has sprung and Dealerships are looking to move past April with a stronger May performance. Memorial Day mailers have a positive impact on sales but more often we are seeing Dealerships run their Memorial Days sales the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May.  Don't wait until Memorial Day weekend to drop your May mailer or you could be just picking up the scraps in your market.

We can turn a proof and zips in a single day for clients and have the mailer signed off to print.  Currently, we have a large number of Memorial Day mail layouts available including:

- 9x12 Jumbo Postcards

- 11 x 17 Bifolds and 4 Page Booklets

- Pressure Seal and Snap Pack Mailers

- 8 Page Booklets

- Coop Pre-Approval Available

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