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So everybody who works here at Cheap Auto Mailers also receives mailers at their personal residences quite frequently. I don't know how to say this other than quite often they are just plain terrible and a disgrace to Automotive Direct Mail in general.   We would be downright embarrassed to offer such a poor product and believe a lot of dealerships would be too.  To help educate our customers, I have compiled my Top 5 Pet Peeves that I see when reviewing competitor's mail.

1)  The artwork has Low Definition pictures.  Is your agency drawing your mailer on their phone?

2)  The "Black Book" and list data is totally off.  We're talking my address on the flyer but not my name and not my vehicle they're offering to buy!  Sweet job vendor.

3)  Sending out the same mailer over and over and over and over again.  What the hell?  Does the dealership really want that? I doubt it but if so send them our way we'll at least send out a good looking mailer over and over and over...

4)  No vehicles on the mailer.  Aren't the mailers being sent out to bring traffic in and sell vehicles?  Might be a good idea to include a vehicle or two...just saying...

5)  Having keys, codekases, widgets, etc taped onto the mailer instead of the professional way.  We use hot glue to affix. Nothing like ripping the mailer in half to get your key off only to have destroyed your winning number along with advertisement! That went well, tape anyone? 

This is just a small and entertaining list of common mistakes we notice amateur direct mail companies making.  If you would like to order from one of the largest automotive mail companies, please call us at 616-957-1402 and we will be happy to assist in your next campaign!

Tax Time Sales Event Mailer

This is currently our most popular Tax Time Automotive Mailer.  This is a simulated envelope mailer, which folds out to 22" long for a grand effect!  We handle the graphics, data, production and follow up all from our Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI!    Call now to order 616.957.1402

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