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Direct Mail Advertising Outperforms Radio, Television and Billboards...Again

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Businesses need revenue to survive and grow. Cheap Auto Mailers understands this premise and knows how to get measurable results using proven direct mail advertising methods. Printing and graphic design are the building blocks of successful branding. With our in house team of professional graphic artists, Cheap Auto Mailers can walk corporate marketing departments through the process of developing a strong print or direct mail campaign start to finished product.

These days traditional Radio advertising is being so watered down with the emerging technologies and internet radio that the response is very minimal. iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, iHeart Radio, etc. are all draining the Radio Advertising sector. You could argue people "heard our name!" but really that is about the best response you could hope for.

What about Television commercials? We have been servicing ad agencies around the country for years so I don't want to be too harsh on TV, but c'mon! With shorter attention spans becoming the new normal, TV viewers reach for the remote when the commercials start, literally leave the room, or just plain fast forward through them if the show was recorded. Again, just like radio advertising, the TV landscape has changed with technology.

We want a Billboard! Billboards are good at distracting people driving cars at 70mph. Cheap Auto Mailers wants the customer to be standing steady with two feet on the ground reading your advertisement with their full attention. Our proprietary direct response mailers will actually get the customer to come into your place of business and respond to the advertisement. None of the other 3 Advertising channels we discussed today have the ability to impact revenue, gain new customers and provide a meaningful ROI more than Cheap Auto Mailers proven direct response marketing mail pieces.

Like what you just read? Want to meet the people with the ideas to turn your business around? Call Cheap Auto Mailers today for a free, insightful conversation about your advertising needs. 1000's of businesses and Dealerships have increased profits and so can you!

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